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The Hagman Family

 Bengt Hagman was born in Sweden in 1855.His wife Hannah was born in 1861 He came to the United States in 1885 aboard the ship " Arizona " shown here.


His wife Hannah in1887 joined Bengt. They had been married in 1882 in Varberg , Sweden . Two of their children, Josephine and Carrie were born in Sweden . Bengt came to Sheffield first and later moved to Clermont. Their first child born in Clermont was Fred who was born in the Patch in 1889. They next moved to the Hagman farm. The other children born in Clermont were Lily, Carl, Ebba, Gustav, Oscar, Esther, Margaret, and Hilda. Two other children, Gerheart and Theodore, born to them died shortly after birth. Hannah died in 1914.After leaving the farm after Hannahs death Bengt moved into Clermont. In 1923 he returned to Sweden for a visit aboard the ship " Stockholm " shown here.


 Fred Hagman married Anna Anderson and had the following children: Ben, Karl, Esther, Harold, and Bill. Anna Anderson Hagman had come from Sweden . In fact she went to Sweden in 1951 for a visit.

Ben worked in the oil fields for a while then went to work for a Beckwith Machine Corporation and moved to Clarion. He became District manager for the Erie , Bradford , and Clarion district for this corporation.

Bill graduated from Lock Haven University and worked as a city planner for years living on the West Coast. He served in the United States Army during the Korean War. His daughter became a Doctor and lives in California .

Here is a picture of Harold and Karl Hagman.



 Harold was employed as a foreman for United Natural Gas company and National Fuel Gas for many years. He retired and lives in Kane with his wife Phyllis. Both of their children are college graduates and have moved away from home. Eric is a radio sports announcer for K D V in Pittsburgh and his wife Mary Lou have 2 children named Kevin and Arden. Keith and his wife Tasha live in Fort Myers in Florida. Keith is an attorney with a law firm there. Harold served in the United States Army during World War II.

 South Penn Oil Company and Pennzoil Corporation employed Karl Hagman for many years as Superintendent. He is retired and lives in Mt Jewett with his wife Dorothy.

Karl served in the United States Army during World War II and here is a photo of him in uniform.

In the last few years of his life Bengt Hagman lived in a small house called the (Shanty) next to the home of his son Fred. Fred's house was located across the road from the Alfieri home and next to Frank Rizzo's house. The house Bengt lived in was torn down after his death in 1939. Bengt and his wife are buried in the Clermont Cemetery and here is a Photo of the tombstone.

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