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Tom and Lillian Walker moved from Emporium to the Betula Area in 1932.  From there they moved to Clermont in 1935. Here is a photo of Tom Walker provided by Tommy Walker.

Tom began in Clermont by operating the old Anderson Mine using his truck to deliver the coal. The Walkers bought a house from Charlie Sturdevant on the Clermont to Wilcox road right near the mine.  They were unfortunate in that the house burned down.  Tom bought the old Anderson Store building and tore it down. With the help of Fred Hagman he used lumber from the store building to build another house.  One of the boys and his family occupy the house now.The Walkers had 6 children: Allen (Tommy), Dick, Bob, Jack, Gene, and Helen. Tom Walker passed away in 1950 and is buried in the Emporium area. Lil died in 1971 and is buried in the Clermont Cemetery.

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